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5 Quick Tips for Running an Effective Newsletter Campaign – eBiz Marketing Academy
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5 Quick Tips for Running an Effective Newsletter Campaign

2 years ago
Effective email newsletter for small business

Without question, your easiest sale will be to customers who have already engaged with your pages. The “Rule of 7” states that customers on average require 7 engagements with your brand before making a purchase decision.

With 72% of consumers preferring email as their preferred form of communication and an average return of $38 for every $1 spent in email marketing, planning an effective email newsletter is an essential part of your business.

Newsletters are a part of an overall strategy that involves getting your brand seen by your most engaged audience. You can use them to drive actions, like clicks to your website and social shares, or you can use them to inform your visitors about changes to your business.

Most of all, a newsletter is a nice, unintrusive way to earn mindshare by reminding your audience of who you are and what you do.

So how do you run an effective newsletter campaign?

With that bit of convincing out of the way, how can you effectively use emails to help your customers engage with you again and again, until they are ready to buy?

Here are a few key tips that can boost your sales in a hurry:

1. Grow your list

It’s important to realize that email lists decay 22.5% every year, as subscribers migrate to new email addresses, change employers, and opt-out of email communications. Therefore, it’s critical to keep the subscribers you get, all while adding new ones.

A lead magnet is based around a product or service that you give away in exchange for an email. Using a good one can make the difference between a growing and a shrinking list.

Look to produce a small amount of content that you can part with, something that would be useful for your target customer’s pain point, then add a call to action to your page to get the subscription.

2. Grow your list, part 2

You can use both online and offline events, for services, and offers, for products, to grow your list even more.

A recent poll showed that as many as 60% of users signed up for newsletters just for special offers, so come up with something of value you could part with to grow your list.

An event, such as a webinar, can be a great way for a service-based business to earn subscribers. For a small fee, you can advertise your webinar at your local chamber of commerce or circulate an ad to a small local market on Facebook.

For product-based businesses, special offers, especially during peak seasons, can earn you a lot of subscribers quickly. If you have a product that has garnered a lot of interest on social media, consider giving away a coupon for a discount, then try to make your money back on the upsell.

3. What to look for in a Newsletter Template

You can find lots of free newsletter templates online. You will want to fashion your template to match your branding on the web and on social media. Newsletters should include your color palette, branding and visuals that will stand out and remind users of your brand.

4. Pick great titles

The email title is the key to getting your audience to open your newsletters. Focus your titles on trending topics for your industry. If it’s fashion, talk about seasonal fashion tips. If cooking, seasonal recipes, or best places to shop.

You can tap your successful social media or blog posts for ideas on what your viewers care about the most.

5. Take advantage of analytics

Once you send out your newsletters, keep an eye on who’s opening them, and how many times they have been opened. You can even try to A/B test a variety of titles to see which types of messaging gets you the best results.

If you have engaged users that are connecting with your newsletter content, consider adding them to a second campaign focused around driving home the sale.

Looking to learn additional analytics strategies? Click for 5 simple steps for tracking your campaigns with Analytics.

Needless to say, there are many more ideas on how to maximize newsletter strategy. Join our groups and learn from other business owners who have cracked the code and are reaping the rewards of a successful newsletter campaign.

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