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About Us – eBiz Marketing Academy
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About Us

LA-based marketers Omari Valentine and Ernesto Comodo are teaming up and going online!

With small businesses struggling to maximize their online footprint, the creation of the marketing academy seemed to be a no-brainer. eBiz’s founders connected, seeking to de-mystify the more arcane and confusing aspects of digital marketing, bringing it to business owners looking to use the power of the internet to get their businesses back on track.

With a bit of care and planning, the eBiz Marketing Academy was born in only a few months, ready to serve the small businesses of the LA community and beyond!

The Academy’s mission is to help small businesses cope with the changing times with tailored content, courses, reports, webinars, forums and the eBiz blog, answering some of the tough questions circulating around the industry.

Omari Valentine

Omari Valentine is a digital marketer, SEO and web developer with 15 years of management and web experience. He is also an advisor with the South Bay SBDC. Omari has spent the last several years helping small businesses grow their online presence by building and optimizing websites for search performance.”

Ernesto Comodo

Ernesto Comodo is a Marketing Consultant and Creative Director of 907K Marketing. With 15+ years of experience, Ernesto connects with business leaders, non-profits and governmental organizations throughout the South Los Angeles area, to improve their marketing, brand and digital strategies.
Ernesto Comodo