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Enhance Your Website Performance with FREE Google Tools – eBiz Marketing Academy
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Enhance Your Website Performance with FREE Google Tools

2 years ago
Google Tools
by Ernesto Comodo

Recent statistics shows that Google and Youtube (a Google company) hold the first two spots Globally and Nationally on top websites. If you have business is inevitable that you have online presence and be found on Google.

Luckily, Google offers a wide variety of Free tools that will help your business be found on Google and help you understand the type of visitors coming to your website.

google tools

After reviewing a survey given at a recent webinar, I was surprised to discover that over 85% of attendees all small business entrepreneurs where not taking advantage of these tools. I would like to re-iterate the importance of these tools in this article.

  1. Google Search Console

Number 1; Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools) This tool will let Google know to index your website and all its pages.  The Search Console helps you analyze your website performance and provide tips for improvements. It will crawl the data to make sure Google has the newest info of your website and let you know of any bad code on your site. It will also let you know what people are searching to find your site and where your site ranks.

  • Google My Business

Just as important; Google My Business is like having a Facebook business page but on Google. Over 80% of search is done on Google so you definitely want to have your business page here. What Google My Business Page does: It puts your business on Google Maps, if you have a physical location. If you don’t you can also put your service area. It allows you to put your service hours and any closures such as holidays, it allows you to receive and reply to Google reviews. Also in keeping up with technology; it integrates with the Google ecosystem; such as voice activated device Google Nest, so if you ask your smart speaker what time _BUSINESS NAME_ closes, its address, or call it will let you know.

  • Google Analytics

Even if you are not a professional marketer; as an entrepreneur you would want to have a good idea of the people that go to your site. You can track people who visit your website, how much time they spend there, what search queries they use, and so much more. Then you can use that information to optimize your site further and provide a great user experience and increase your traffic.  If you start advertising, it will also be essential in knowing your conversion rate and creating goals.

  • Google Trends

If you want to have optimal content on your site, blog, and social media posts make sure you use keywords that are trending. Google Trends will show you the search volumes of keywords by region so you can make appropriate keyword choices on your content. It also helps you explore the latest news, insights, stories, searches, and more.

  • Google Alerts

Ever wonder if someone has posted something about your company, a product or service you offer? With Google Alerts you can create alerts for your specific keywords to get the latest news, mentions and other relevant content to your mailbox.

Key Takeaways

As a consultant for many small startup businesses I understand that having a website can be overwhelming with so much that is out there. I have consolidated to just 5 tools as your must haves. All are Free and easy to install. If you are busy or would like someone to install these and walk you through them setting them up to your specific needs feel free to reach out.

Is there any other FREE tools you can think of? Please share them in the comments below

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